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Lihua Halcyon [ChangeAsYouLike]

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I put general aspect benefits in spoiler boxes to make it easier to pick up the character. Lihua is currently assuming use of the "Jump Start Bonus" mentioned in the Character Creation help document (she has 4 minors instead of 3). In anycase, change whatever you want:

Name: Lihua Halcyon
Race: Human
Age: 22
Height: 5’6”
Strength: Average

Backstory: Lihua grew up with her five siblings on the estate of the powerful Halcyon clan, the owners of several productive iron mines. Upon her 22nd birthday she exiled from her families' lands, as had her three siblings before her. The current head of the family, Janos Halcyon, demands that his children go out into the world and make a name for themselves on their own merit - one way or another - for he would choose the greatest among them to be his heir. Lihua's siblings each went into the iron business, as was their family's way, but the young mage felt she had a better idea. She'd figure out some way to become a legendary hero, and then use her fame to carry a business above and beyond any of her siblings! It'd be more fun, as well~

> PC: None
> NPC: Halcyon family


Halcyon Ties - Although they will not give her direct aid, she is being tested after all, Lihua is still a noblewoman of a clan with connections in all of the major cities of Avarka. Any party or other event restricted by status is not restricted to her, and her surname might open doors otherwise kept close.
1 Minor

Iron Culture - As a proper Halcyon, Lihua is well-versed in what constitutes good manners and what constitutes good metal. She can identify both with ease, and is generally knowledgeable when it comes to highbrow affairs and metallurgy. .5 Minor

Aspect: True Mage (Chosen Focus: Storm)Lihua greatly enjoyed studding magic as a child, and had no lack of access to books and tutors to hone her natural talents.
> You can learn primal magic, the art of raw force and direct manipulation of magic. Primal magic spells cost 30g per spell level to learn.
> You can learn the highest level spells (8+) of every art.
> Whenever you learn a 2nd level or higher spell of your focus art (Mira's focus is Storm), you can learn any lower level primal spell for free (e.g., if your focus is Fire and you buy a level 3 fire spell you can learn a level 2 primal spell for free)
>> Once per post, you can cast a 2nd level or lower Primal spell without it counting against your spell per post (For example, you could cast shield and another spell in the same post).

Aspect: Storm Called
>Once per post you can cast a 3rd level or lower Storm spell without it counting towards your spells per post. You cannot use this to cast more than two spells in a post, even if you have other abilities that let you cast extra spells (e.g. If you have both Storm Called and Earth Bound you can't cast a spell, a bonus storm spell, and a bonus earth spell in the same post because 3 > 2).
> You can substitute any similar motions to the ones required by your storm spells - such as thrusting out a sword instead of your palm.
It takes far less effort than normal for you to learn storm magic - you need only spend 30g per spell level to learn new storm spells.
> You can learn the highest level spells (8+) of the storm art.
DYNAMO - Your attunement to storm magics passively alters your body, awakening your inner power and turning you into an embodiment of thunderous wrath. You can suppress some or all of these changes whenever you desire, although you cannot cast spells while doing so.
Lvl 0. Electricity passes through you without harming you, although the heat generated by natural lightning bolts is still a concern.
Lvl 1. Your skin has a very faint glow. You can passively create a magnetic bond between yourself and any metal items you hold, making your grip on them unbreakable.
Lvl 2. Your irises glow yellow. You can sense magnetic fields within 6 feet of your body (such as those generated by most brains). More potent fields and electrical discharges can be felt from much farther away (up to 100’ unless truly immense).
Lvl 3. Tiny electrical sparks flicker at random beneath your skin. If skin is broken, electricity will course into the implement.
Lvl 4. You can, once per post, generate a magnetic field around your hand and target metallic object, pulling it towards you or pushing it away with up to 10 lbs per Dynamo level of force (40LB at level 4). This force is halved if the object is more than 10’ away (maximum range 50’)

Lvl 1 - Whisper - While speaking in a whisper, you can manipulate the air to carry it to the ear of anyone within your sight.
Lvl 2 - Listen - Increase the sensitivity of the air around you, magnifying any sounds you hear.
Lvl 3 - Modulate - Manipulate the air coming out of your mouth to alter the sound of your voice, possibly mimicking entirely different sounds. No louder than a lion's roar.
Lvl 4 - Ball Lightning - Form an empty sphere of whirling winds, the size of a softball, in one of your hands. These winds generate an increasingly powerful electrical charge within the sphere. This sphere can be propelled with air pressure, dispersing on impact releasing a blast of electricity. Can be maintained for up to two posts, the size of the blast increasing with each post so spent.

Level 1 – Minor Telekinesis -- You can manipulate any unattended object in sight that weighs at most 5lb, or push/pull any target with just enough force to lift 5lb. Capable of fine and precise movements. If the object is later grabbed this spell does not end (if maintained).
Level 1 – Shield -- Raise your hand, palm out, to generate a barely visible construct of applied force, circular with a 1ft radius, in the air inches from your palm. Acts as a suspended shield, modifier 1. It is frozen in place until you stop maintaining it or recast it elsewhere (is not a summon).
Level 1 – Foothold -- The next step you take meets equal upward force, allowing that step to land on a surface level with the last step you took, granting you an extra step or two over open air or liquid.
Level 2 – Tip -- Generate short force constructs on your fingertips, be they claws, thick cushions, or any other short tool-like shape.
Level 3 – Repel -- Passive. You gain the ability to propel the force construct created by your Shield spell, launching the shield forward with average strength. You can have the shield expand when pushed, becoming up to 3' in radius but easier to break through. The shield dissipates after moving 6'.

Armory RingA steel signet ring, the mark that of the Halcyon family, with a myriad of weapon designs etched onto the band. The ring is said to have been in the family from the days they lived in the far west, long before they settled in Kuanepi 150 years ago.
>> Steely Mark - The ring can stamp any metallic object, no larger than 3 cubic feet in volume, with a faintly glowing sigil. Up to five such objects can be stamped at any given time, the ring wearer can decided which object ceases to be stamped when stamping a sixth object.
>>> Objects Currently Stamped: A 2' wide iron shield, a 6" iron dagger, a 6' long hollow iron staff, a 8' tall ladder, and a 2' long hatchet with steel blade and a hollow iron haft.
>> Mimic Form - The ring can summon a mundane version of any item stamped by it to its wielder's hand. The ring can maintain up to one such summon, but its wearer may use their own summoning slots to maintain additional copies.
>> Bestow Power - Whenever the ring summons an object, the ring's wielder can choose to share the power of any two runes on the ring with the summoned object.
>> Runes: The ring has been inscribed with the following runes (4 slots remaining): None Yet!
(Counts as 2.5 Minors)

Non-Weapon Magic Items

Other Non-Magical Gear:
Food and Such (In Pouch)

Gold: 50g


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