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Full Version: Dr. Hannigan's Grand Advertisement
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Scattered about several cities through some feat of magic or mystery are tattered adverts with bright and gaudy colors inviting adventurers to gather for a hunting expedition.

Salutations travelers and transients! Are you a professional at murdering things before they murder you? Do you have a knack for surviving the things that other people wouldn't survive? Do you find yourself with an overabundance of arrows and or magic that you would like to trade for gold? Well you're in luck! Please see Dr. Aria J. Hannigan just east of whichever city is near the eastern forest (you know the one). Our expedition will begin with the third mating cycle of the northern fire cicada so make your travel plans accordingly.

Dr. Hannigan and associates are not responsible for any loss of life or limb that may occur in relation to said hunt. Those afflicted by arachnophobia and or a general fear of insects and death need not apply.