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Arl Lotreab
(Player Character)

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Additional Info About Arl Lotreab
  • Half-Fey
Gender: Female
First Aspect:
  • Vital Heart
First Leveled Talent:
  • Harmonic Weapon [Vital Heart]
Second Aspect:
  • Warrior Prodigy
Second Leveled Talents:
  • Enlightened Combat [Warrior Prodigy]
Character Concept: Felalom, 21 years old, actually looks her age. She traveled a lot when she was younger. Has a twin that lives in Verto, although he looks much younger. Her fey father has resumed living in IV but their relationship is good. Arl wants to help people. Since she is naturally talented at fighting that's how she plans on doing so.
Profile: http://aurorasky.udocoded.com/showthread.php?tid=10
Character's Full Name: Arl Lotreab
OOC Name: Magikeeper
Artist Cite: Eldrick (Commission)
Age: 21

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