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Additional Info About Heulen
Location: Forgotten, Woke up in the mountains surrounding the Kuanepi empire.
  • Shifter
Gender: Male
First Aspect:
  • Transcendent Body
First Leveled Talent:
  • Adonis [Transcendent Body]
Second Aspect:
  • Warrior Prodigy
Second Leveled Talents:
  • Needle Style [Warrior Prodigy]
Character Concept: Heulen has begun roaming around the world trying to establish a place in it for himself. From his interactions with others, he has discovered that he may be a member of a race referred to as shifters, though the animal spirit he is bound with seems different from some of the more common ones he's encountered. As far as he's been able to figure out, he's bonded to some sort of large canine spirit.
Character's Full Name: Heulen
OOC Name: Hrodvitnir
Age: Young Adult

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