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Specialist Skills

Skills and Techniques

Basic Physical Training

Anyone can undergo basic physical training. Note that player characters are assume to already be physically fit - these training regiments are for especially fit/capable characters. They are the equivalent of having acrobatic ability or a similar ability as a minor.
  • The gold cost can be due to paying a trainer, training equipment, having to find/acquire an old teaching book, whatever.
  • Training takes time - you do not gain the benefits of basic physical training until after you have spent 50 posts in combat situations after beginning the training (Battle posts, BP). You may also count non-BP that obviously relate to whatever your training is.
  • You can only truly focus on one training regiment at the same time, and are thus unable to begin another one if you have not yet completed a previous regiment.

Training Regiments

Acrobatic Training - 100g
Honing muscles, developing good balance and general acrobatic ability, etc. Also enables you to do complex acrobatic stunts (flips, etc), but not while doing other things.

Advanced Acrobatics - 100g
Requires you already have basic acrobatic capabilities. Develop incredible acrobatic capabilities and the ability to perform stunts without needing to concentrate on them. (OOC: e.g. Watching gymnast competitions and then having your PC do that stuff while punching people, etc)

Martial Stances and Techniques - 100g
Anyone can swing a sword, but a true warrior cultivates an intrinsic understanding of the underlying motions. Most warriors are somewhat specialized, as an axe is quite different from a longsword, but this training is assumed to generally cover your needs. If you want to RP learning different weapon types separately, by all means, go for it. But there is no additional gold/BP cost.

Extreme Strength Training -100g
As the name implies. Increases strength by one level.

Stealth Training - 100g
The art of quietly sneaking around. Most folk can be a little sneaky, but there are many ways to accidentally give away your position - having the presence of self to avoid the majority of them can be difficult indeed. Stealth training is often mastered outside of combat, but quiet motions do have their use in fights.

Endurance Training - 50g
Cultivate your endurance to the point of being a thing of envy, allowing you to continue acting long after less inexhaustible sorts would need rest.

Warrior Techniques

Anyone can learn warrior techniques (WT).
  • The gold cost can be due to paying a trainer, training equipment, having to find/acquire an old teaching book, whatever.
  • In addition to the gold cost, each technique requires some number of in-combat uses after acquiring the technique in order to "master" using the technique in battle. Until the technique is mastered you cannot do anything else requiring concentration (such as casting a spell) while using the technique.
  • You cannot learn a new warrior technique while you are still mastering a previous one.
  • Some techniques have prerequisites that must be met to learn them, even if you have enough gold. You can learn techniques of any tier without needing to know lower-tier techniques, provided all other prerequisites are met.
  • If you have an equal capable or strictly superior version of a warrior technique (such as via a Warrior Prodigy LS), possessing that ability counts as knowing that warrior technique for any prerequisites.

Basic Techniques

Basic Techniques cost 40g and 8 uses to master.

Fight or Feint - Learn to mimic the natural twitches and flexes present during the fight or flight instinct, causing people to think you are about to act. Requires a previous understanding of martial stances.

Pillar Training - Your balance greatly improves, allowing you to stand steadily, even one legged, atop any item that will hold your weight. Those desiring more complex acrobatic capabilities would be better off with general training.

Bear Drills - At the beginning of each encounter, you can perform Bear style exercises focused on your midsection that help your body digest and process energy, boosting mental acuity and focus. This allows you to notice clues and signs of danger more intuitively for the rest of the encounter.

Rapid Draw - Your familiarity with blades allows you to draw them in an instant, attacking with the same fluid movement. Requires significant experience with blades (such as via Martial Stances and Techniques training). May be applicable to other kinds of weapons as well.

Unhinge - You learn to shift and move your body in ways that make you virtually double jointed. Requires a previous understanding of martial stances and/or acrobatics.

Mid Techniques

Mid techniques cost 60g and take 12 uses to master.

Sight Chop - By landing a precise blow to the side of the neck, you can cut off magical awareness, removing any sensing or sensory magics. Requires a previous understanding of martial stances.

Shutter Punch - Learn the precise location, angle and technique to strike the middle of the back to cause temporarily blindness for a post. Requires a previous understanding of martial stances.

Leaping Faith - Your leaping ability increases by 50%.

Burst Step - You learn to perform explosive starts, going from still to full speed in a flash.

Catapult Grip - You develop the precision, balance and speed to throw almost any weapon, regardless of its weighting. This also allows you to better improvise ranged projectiles and improves your accuracy with properly balanced weapons

Crane Drills - At the beginning of each encounter, you can perform the Crane style exercises, a series of breathing and shoulder stretching exercises that aid in circulation, focusing your mind. This allows you to shrug off emotion-altering effects and harsh climates for the rest of the encounter. Requires mastery of the Bear Drills WT

High Techniques

High techniques cost 80g and take 20 uses to master.

Shell Breaker - Note the stress points of your opponent's armor, effectively increasing the material modifier of your attacks by one when determining when trying to damage/disable it. Requires a previous understanding of martial stances or smithing/leatherworking. If you know both, halve the number of BP needed to master this technique.

Quiet Combat - You learn how to fight while making very little sound as well as a precise throat striking technique that will render your opponent temporarily unable to make a sound. Requires both a previous understanding of martial stances and past stealth training.

Reverse Torrent - Your balance allows you to launch striking attacks precisely while your back is to your opponent, either by bending backwards and lashing out with an arm or leaning forward and lashing out with a kick. Requires a previous understanding of martial stances and excellent balance (from acrobatic training, pillar training, etc).

Grounding Grapple - You learn how to expertly perform tripping and hip tossing maneuvers while grappling your opponents to take them to the ground. Requires a previous understanding of martial stances.

Flowing Form - Learn to turn into attacks so to deflect some of the force and reduce the damage down to you, effectively reducing the strength behind an attack by a level. Requires a previous understanding of martial stances.

Tiger Drills - At the beginning of each encounter, you can perform the Tiger style exercises, a series of bending and arm stretching exercises that aid in focusing your control over your body. This grants you the power to block out pain and resist effects that would weary or drain you for the rest of the encounter. Requires mastery of the Bear Drills WT

Scaling Lethality - Learn how to expertly control the lethality of your attacks, their potential for inflicting long-term injury, etc by targeting or avoiding vulnerabilities. Other fighters can roughly avoid vitals and the like, but to you it is second nature.Requires a previous understanding of martial stances, a previous understanding of anatomy, and a mastery of surgical hand motions (see specialist skills).

Specialist Skills

Various skills and techniques that do not require you to spend a specific number of posts mastering them (but feel free to RP doing so, some of these are definitely skills that took time to master). You have full use of these skills after buying them. Again, what exactly that gold payment represents varies from PC to PC. Crafting skills are listed separately due to the additional rules surrounding them.
  • Some specialist skills have 2-4 levels. Each level is payed for separately, but the previous level(s) must be acquired first.

Specialist Skills

Restraining Technique - 40g - A complicated debilitation technique that, with a minute or two of work, can render a foe virtually unconscious and unable to cast spells without risking permanent injury. Performing this technique on an unrestrained/still resisting foe is nigh impossible.

Medical and Anatomy Training - 60g
Lvl 1. Learn the position and location of the various non-fey races' major muscle groups, blood vessels. etc along with some basic first aid techniques. Half-fey are similar enough to humans/elves for this to cover them as well. Can be taken additional times to learn the anatomy of wildly different species/races.
Lvl 2. Master the art of keeping your hands steady and the making of very small, very precise surgical motions with them.
Lvl 3. Master a specific type of procedure. Can be taken multiple times.

Public Relations - Actively attempting to develop a reputation. The art of selling yourself, as it were. You can certainly develop a reputation without this skill, but there's no harm in.. helping things along. 80g per level.
Lvl 1. Choose a social group (City gangs, southern farmers, etc). The average member social group is vaguely familiar with your name. Can be taken multiple times.
Lvl 2. You can create a rumor about yourself which becomes widespread knowledge among the members of one or more social groups that know of you. Can be taken multiple times.
Lvl 3. Intimidation or Charisma effect against people that know your name or your likeness (depending on your developed reputation).
Lvl 4. Establish a moniker that when used invokes dread, awe, etc (as appropriate) in those that recognize it.

Forgery - Creation of items to fool and confound. 60g per level.
Lvl 1. You become familiar with the necessary materials for most forgeries, and become adept at mimicking handwriting and syntax.
Lvl 2. Your forgeries include intricate details that can fool all but the most astute observer.

Disguise - Master the art of being someone else. 80g per level.
Lvl 1. You are able to easily blend into any crowd and are quite adept at faking sincerity.
Lvl 2. You are capable of speaking in any accent, and can easily assume quirks and mannerisms that are not your own.
Lvl 3. You can create an alter-ego, complete with costume, background and any objects of identification. Can be taken multiple times.

Gaslighting - The art of manipulating your voice. Yes, there is a storm spell that does most of this. 40g per level.
Lvl 1: You learn to become an excellent vocal mimic, allowing you to reasonably impersonate the voices of others.
Lvl 2: Your vocal mimicry expands to nonvocal sounds.
Lvl 3: Your vocal training turns towards performance, teaching you the vocal and physical stylings used by master con men to trigger instinctual belief or disbelief in others.

Sleight of Hand - The ability to nimbly use your hands and fingers in fleeting movements unnoticeable to most viewer. 30g per level.
Lvl 1. Capable of picking up small objects with your hand without notice.
Lvl 2. Capable of hiding items in your sleeves or pockets or withdrawing items from your sleeve or pockets without notice.
Lvl 3. Capable of shifting items from hand to hand, making them disappear by secreting them anywhere on your person.

Appraisal - The ability to evaluate and qualify items. 30g per level.
Lvl 1. Able to estimate the standard gold value of most items that are worth enough to care about.
Lvl 2. Able to estimate the properties of an object at a glance (magical, material type, etc)

Lockpicking - Using tools to pick through locks. 20g per level.
Lvl 1. Trained in the use of lockpicks.
Lvl 2. Can perform lockpicking even when restricted, such as when in handcuffs.
Lvl 3. Can lockpick using any tools that resemble picks (bobby pins, hair pins, etc.)

Crafting Skills

Crafting skills function like Specialist Skills, except that they aid in the creation of a specific kind of object. Knowing crafting skills can enable you to craft items more cheaply (usually for 50% of the normal cost, or 80% of the normal cost for magic items / runes as Verto's pricing is very competitive). This section is under construction. - Staff