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Spellcasting Overview

Spell per Post

Each character can cast one spell they know each post. The level of the spell does not matter. Using magic feels much like jogging; there is no difference between being tired due to casting spells all day and being tired due to running around all day.

Many aspects grant the ability to cast an extra spell per post, albeit with some additional restriction (such as "level 2 or below fire spell").

Passive spells (noted as "Passive") are continual effects that do not take a spell per post to use. Most passive spells simply alter how the some of the caster's other spells work / give new options.


Each character has 2 "summon slots", each of which can be used to maintain a summon. To give an example, let's say Bill knows the spell "Sunset Blade". He can use his spell per post to summon the blade, and then use one of his summon slots to maintain it. He could then summon a second dagger during his next post and use his remaining summon slot to maintain it. Dismissing a summon can be done at any time. Maintaining non-creature summons takes little effort, and can be done as long as the character is awake without tiring them.

Creature summons, such as using the Shadowcrawler spell to summon a small animal made out of solid darkness, are a little more complicated. Summoning them works the same, but if a creature summon is dismissed or forcefully dispelled (by dealing it a "lethal" blow) the character cannot summon another creature of the same or lower spell level for 3 posts. So if a character's Shadowcrawler is "slain" they could not immediately summon another one. If they were already maintaining a second Shadowcrawler the second one could still be maintained if the other is slain, however. Maintaining creature summons for long periods of time can be a little tiring, like wearing a heavy backpack. Creature summons are usually just mindless magical constructs, with the only exception among the spells below being the Vital Art "Fairies" spell.

Learning and Buying spells

Each spell costs 40g times its level (so a buying a 1st level spell and a 2nd level spell would cost a total of (40*1)+(40*2) = 120 gold). This cost might represent time spent learning magic instead of making money, tutor costs, etc. Some aspects alter the cost of learning spells (see aspects).

  • To learn 2nd level or higher spell a character must know a spell in the same art of the previous level (level 1 Water for level 2 Water, etc).
  • To learn a 7th level or higher spell a character must know the lower level spell of the same branch and art. So to learn a 7C Fire Art spell a character must already know the 6C Fire Art spell.
  • All player characters can learn level 1-7 spells. Only True Mages (see aspects) can learn all level 8-10 spells. Characters with an Arted aspect like Fire Branded can learn the level 8-10 spells of their aspect's art.
  • Only True Mages can learn Primal art spells.


The world is a place of opposites, none more stark than light and dark. Powerful is the one who can manipulate the seen and unseen. Umbral magic is the only tool for someone who wants to control the truth.

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Life runs through all things in this world and those that touch it. The force that prompts trees grow is the same thing that allows shifters to wear the traits of their spirit kin. Life is everything, who wouldn't want to learn about everything?

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When looking for a canvas upon which to work their magical arts, some find the power is strongest when directly manipulating themselves or others. Whether body magic creates natural improvements and alterations or a source of abject horror is really a matter of perspective.

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Some would consider fire the greatest of society's tools, a powerful force of creation and destruction that fans forge and wildfire alike. To wield this art is to grab the reins of this mighty tool, to wield a power unlike any other.

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Tremble before those who wield the power of the waves. Huddle for warmth beneath frozen skies. Stumble sheepishly though blinding fogs and mists. Or don't. Master that which fills you, that which rains from the sky and sustains all that lives on this world. Let the one to be feared be you.

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From quiet whispers to deafening thunderclaps, the chaotic power of storms is hard to deny. Those that harness its power find themselves filled with a force that promotes change and movement. Its also got a bit of a spark.

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Earth is a constant. It is, it has been, it will be. It is the most basic manifestation of stability, endurance and strength. Earth magic allows one to tap into this strength and stability, making the very earth itself work for them. Stand firm and carry on.

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Primal/Mage Talent
Primal magic, usable only by True Mages, is the most direct and fundamental of the casting arts. The manifestation of this magic is nothing less than its caster's will given shape.

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