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Races and Peoples

Humans have lived in Avarka for all of recorded history, and are commonly believed to be the first mortal race (They definitely preceded the elves, but some shifters claim humans descended from them and not the other way around). Humans are by far the racial majority of Kuangepi and to a lesser extent Ballena,

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Elves are fairly common throughout Avarka, and are the most common race in Verto, Manofaide, and Casawek. The ancestors of the numerous elven bloodlines were half-fey of varying kinds and elves tend to lean towards the same traits as their fey predecessors.

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Shifters, a species closely related to humans, are born with the ability to faintly hear the whispers and echoes of spirits in the world. When they come of age, this ability fades away as each shifter selects or is selected by an animal spirit that fuses with them completely. This fusion allows them to take on a humanoid hybrid form that makes them more bestial, the degree of this change varying from shifter to shifter. When not in their hybrid form a shifter is indistinguishable from a human.

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The children born of fey and non-fey parings. Half-Fey of any stripe are very rare, but half-Dream fey (Felalom) are far more common than half-Nature fey (Felvad) who are in turn far, far, far more common than half-dark fey (Borzalom). The children of half-fey are elves, but half-fey never arise from elf-elf pairings; true half-fey are effectively a unique species that cannot breed true. Procreation among the fey, inherently and intensely magical beings, involves far more than simple genetics.

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Races that are Not approvable as Player Characters

Nature Fey (Vadtunder)
Visitors from another world who draw strength and characteristics from the environment around them. Incomprehensible and of a mischievous bent, nature fey often stay in the Faerie realm, only appearing in Avarka where their world and the mortal realm temporarily overlap. These locations are.. best avoided.

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- Vadtunder character are not approvable.
- Half-Nature Fey (Felvad) characters are approvable, see above

Dream Fey (Alomtunder)
Visitors from another world who draw strength and characteristics from the minds and dreams of those around them. Dream fey are more in tune with mortal civilization, making them more approachable than their wilder counterparts. They live primarily in the fey realm, but are easily spoken with as the entire city of IV, also known as inner verto, is a stable dream fey ring.

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- Alomtunder characters are not approvable. Half-Dream Fey (Felalom) characters are approvable, see above

Dark Fey (Dinyue)
The races that inhabited the lost city of Din, whose ruins are now scattered within the fey realm that borders our own. Dinyue are shadows that hide in the corners of the world, preying on the vulnerable and fearing only the caw of crows.

Tainted fey, fatascuro, are also commonly referred to as dinyue and are the only dark fey capable of having children with mortals.

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- Dark Fey are not approvable.
-Although called "Fey", the three main Dinyue species can't breed with mortals nor, in fact, with anyone. However, half-dark fey born of pairings with fatascuro may be allowed