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The Sun Calendar
The Sun Calendar, developed by the people of Outer Verto, is currently used as the standard throughout Avarka. The major competing calendar is the Anepta (Lunar) Calendar, which has traditionally been used by religious leaders and major political figures of Kuanepi. For ease of understanding, the timeline below uses the dates of the Sun (solar) Calendar, a 13 month calendar wherein each month consists of 28 days plus 1 additional day-ish period of celebration between each 13-month cycle.
OOC Note: Yes, the Sun Calendar almost the same as the real-world International Fixed Calendar, which means an Avarka year is ~365 days. Avarka has no leap years, as the new year celebration period is a little longer than 24 hours.

Current Date: Spring 516

Ancient Times / Unknown – Nature fey (Vadtunder) form first connection with Avarka
Ancient Times / Unknown – Yue-Yue’s binding of the Passage Crows, Founding of Din, Warping of the Western Sea / creation of the Griffon Spires
~800 BDr – Founding of the Zelphron Empire in the Distant South
767 BDr – Founding of the Anepta Empire in the Distant North, start of the Anepta (Lunar) Calendar.
~500 BDr – Fall of Old Anepta, start of Azekli empire.
250 BDr – Fall of Azekli Empire, resumption of (New) Anepta empire.
~200-98 BDr – Anepta/Zelphron territory deputes over modern Avarka lands.
98 BDr – Founding of Manofaide and Ballena
40 BDr – Creation of the original Great South Wall
0 – Slaying of the Yue-Yue, Destruction of Din, Exile of the Dinyue, Freeing of the Passage Crows, the Lost Children become the first Dream Fey (Alomtunder)
?? – Founding of Inner Verto (Originally just called Verto), a hidden city in the desert.
23 – Ballena begins conquest of the west coast through a series of peace treaties and a few skirmishes with the Eurlic people.
45 – Complete destruction of Zelphron, spread of the cursed Southern Jungle, Creation of the Avarka League, unified effort to create the modern-day Great South Wall.
68 – Dissolution of the Avarka League, founding of Saventa empire. Eurlic people rebel in a failed attempt to overthrow the Ballena empire. Ballena further cements its grasp on the coast.
143 – Ghaslette plague devastates northern shifter tribes.
223 – Saventa splits into Saventa and Casawek.
268 – Manodfaide–Saventa war.
274 – End of Manofaide-Saventa war, Ballena becomes an Oligarchy after the passing of its last queen.
285 – Orl island confirmed to actually exist; lightly colonized by Ballena to keep track of its location
291 – First sighting of the Heigen (Soot-Cloud) in the distant north.
~300 – Exodus of the Anepta people from the encroaching Heigenland, relocation of Anepta’s capital (and only remaining population) to the Vasxi mountatins. Saventa, Casawek, and Manofaide form the South Eastern Military Alliance.
330 – Kuanepi family coup, Anepta renamed Kuanepi Empire.
343 – Wheatblood Rebellion, Saventa empire overthrown and replaced with Delvena Empire
345 – South Eastern Military Alliance becomes the South Eastern Coalition, choosing of the first Triumvirate members.
362 - Ballena cracks down on pirates preying on vessels traveling to distant western lands, builds WestGate military fortress on Orl Island.
410 – Nasier Drought, Verto reveals its existence to the world, immigration prompts the creation of Outer Verto.
479 - Orl Island inhabitants begins demanding they be allowed to form their own country.
491 – Founding of the outskirt Kuanepi town of Vaember as part continued efforts to reclaim the Heigenland.
508 - Orl Island cuts off all official communications, is believed to have been taken over by pirates.
514 – Everyone in Vaember found dead.
514.5 - Old crime families of Ballena revealed to have been working with Orl Island pirates, fall of the old families, massive upheavals in the Ballena criminal underworld.
515 - Start of RP |Late Fall|
516 |CURRENT DAY| - Open warfare with Orl Island pirates, underworld upheaval continues in Ballena, growing tensions between the Parjev mountain towns and Kuanepi empire, widespread shortages of metal in Verto and the South Eastern Alliance (due to Ballena and Kuanepi’s problems).