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Strength and Averages

Strength and Averages

Player Characters and the World

The various limits for PC characters are not the average of all the numerous people who live in Avarka. Specific differences are noted below:

Strength: “Average” strength, as assumed for player characters unless they state otherwise, is “Physically Fit”. A random shopkeeper is likely of below-average strength. Granted, most NPCs a PC is likely to actually fight – thugs, soldiers, monsters, etc, are likely to be physically fit as well.

Aspects/Talents: The vast majority of the population (95%+) do not have any aspects, and even fewer have two. The majority of those who have one have Warrior Prodigy, Forged Road, and/or True Mage. Some aspects are more common in certain regions than others as well, with some talents within those aspects being far more common than others (aspects that effect how you age, or involve a spiritual connection to some other entity [pet rock, living tide, sky song, etc] are the rarest). A PC with a highly noticeable aspect (Mantle et. al) will stand out in a crowd. Granted, the lives of your average PC make it more likely they will encounter the few NPCs that also have aspects.

Magical Ability: All PCs can learn up to level 7 spells in any art, even without a corresponding aspect. This is not even remotely average – the average person can only learn level 6/7 spells in a few arts, and it is not uncommon for someone to be unable to learn spells above level 5. A minority (20%) of the population can’t even manage that.

In General: PCs are not ordinary. That said, there are numerous NPCs that are likewise beyond the norm (15% of the entire population is still a lot of people), and the average PC is far more likely to encounter them in the world than those with less exciting professions. It’s easy to start thinking that most people are physically fit if you spend most of your time fighting trained warriors, but that doesn’t make it so.

Physical Strength

Staff Note: We’ve found that having strength levels is helpful when it comes to roleplaying, as it is easy for people to imagine a variety of different levels and take that into account when RPing. We’ve found that most other statistics do not have this quality, which is why we only have strength levels and not, for example, ten reaction speed levels.

As noted above, Player Characters are assumed to be of ‘average’ strength unless they state otherwise using a minor. No allowed race is stronger than others on average (Half-Fey are strong for their size but shorter than other races), so race doesn’t change this.

It is possible for a creature to be weaker than Feeble, or stronger than Mythic, but such strengths are not feasible for a PC.

The examples for each level are of an activity that would be physically exerting for someone of that strength level. Weights below are in pounds.

Strength Level: Feeble
Numbers: Bench: 20, Deadlift: 75
Examples: Lift a human child.

Strength Level: Weak
Numbers: Bench: 55, Deadlift: 150
Examples: Bench press a sack of rice.

Strength Level: Below Average
Numbers: Bench: 100, Deadlift: 225
Examples: Lift an Adult human.
RL Equivalent: Real life adult human with a desk job.

Strength Level: Average
Numbers: Bench: 145, Deadlift: 300
Examples: Bench press a large dog, lift a large panda.
RL Equivalent: Physically fit human.

Strength Level: Strong
Numbers: Bench: 200, Deadlift: 400
Examples: Bench Press an adult human, Lift a pony.
RL Equivalent: Buff, physically fit human.

Strength Level: Very Strong
Numbers: Bench: 350, Deadlift: 600
Examples: Bench press a large panda.
RL Equivalent: A 6'+, buff, physically fit human.

Strength Level: Mighty
Numbers: Bench: 525, Deadlift: 850
Examples: Bench press a human child riding a baby elephant riding an adult human.
RL Equivalent: Olympic athlete in a raw strength-based competition.

Strength Level: Prodigious
Numbers: Bench: 720, Deadlift: 1150
Examples: Lift five angry human zookeepers.
RL Equivalent: Slightly above peak of human achievement.

Strength Level: Superhuman
Numbers: Bench: 900, Deadlift: 1600
Examples: Bench press a small grizzly bear, Lift a female cow.

Strength Level: Mythic
Numbers: Bench: 1200, Deadlift: 2100
Examples: Bench press an empty wagon, lift a wagon with three pandas in it.