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Nations and Regions

Nations and Regions

Nations of Avarka

Capital Cities are marked with a flag and a circle on the map. Large cities/towns are marked with just a flag. There are many other towns not marked on the map, but they are smaller in size. The capital cities also happen to be the largest cities in each nation, although no city in Casawek is as heavily populated as the large cities of other nations (If Casawek was not its own nation only its largest town would be large enough to note on the map).


A coastal empire that has existed in some form or another since before the fall of Din, modern Ballena manages virtually all trade across the eastern sea.

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A mountain nation formed a little over 200 years ago by the refuges of the fallen Anepta empire. Kuanepi is likewise the name of the nation’s capital, a massive fortress city in the menedek valley. Humans are the majority race of the Kuanepi empire (~74%), while the mountain Parjev towns are mostly populated by elves (~95%)

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Verto, although considered a single city-state, is actually two communities connected by a series of bridges. Inner Verto, or IV, is populated by dream fey while Outer Verto, or OV, is a massive ring populated by the various mortal races. There is no majority race in OV, although short-eared elves are the largest minority (about 37%). Foreigners referring to the city of “Verto” generally mean OV.

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South Eastern Coalition (SEC)

The South Eastern Coalition originally formed as a hasty military alliance around 200 years ago between the nations of Saventa (now Delvena), Casawek, and Manofaide in preparation for repelling what they feared would be an invasion from the collapsing Anepta empire. Fortunately, the remnants of Anepta remained in the mountains and the loose military coalition laid the foundation for a lengthy peace between the three nations. This tentative peace would continue until the wheatblood rebellion, wherein the farmers of Seventa rose up and brutally overthrew the Saventa royal family in favor of the Delvena clan. The new hegemony quickly sought to tighten the alliance to cement itself as a legitimate government, working with key members of their fellow nations to transform the military alliance into a coalition headed by a Triumvirate. This coalition persists to the present day, with the Triumvirate handling all matters pertaining to foreign affairs, military power, and interactions between the nations. Other laws and all domestic matters are handled by the three nations’ local governments.

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