Who Are We?

Welcome to Aurora Sky! We are a Sword and Sorcery roleplay. Check out the area above this box if you're interested in making a character, and check out the cbox below if you have any questions! Hope to RP with you soon!





Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Gameplay

How do "once every X posts" and "per encounter" restrictions work?

  • Once every X posts: Let's say your PC has a spell that can be cast once every 7 posts. That means if they use that spell they would not be able to cast that particular spell again in any of their next 6 posts.
  • Per encounter: An encounter is a single fight, meeting, etc. You might refer to this as a "scene" as well.
  • EXCEPTIONS: If a good deal of time (~15+ minutes) passes IC, then it is fine to ignore per x posts / per encounter restriction of abilities you used earlier. Using the above once-per-7-posts example, if you cast that spell and then the next few posts cover a day of traveling you can use that spell again without waiting 7 posts. Furthermore, these restrictions do not extend between threads (so using a spell at the end of one thread does not prevent you from using it at the start of the next one the character appears).

Questions About Character Creation

Why can new characters start with so much stuff?

You can start with less than the full allotment (in fact, you don't have to pick any of your character's aspects/minors/etc at start). As for why new Player Characters (PCs) can start with so much stuff, this is because the staff:
  • A) Want to allow for a variety of character concepts. If everyone started as a complete novice in all things then it'd be pretty hard to justify older PCs, PCs with military backgrounds, etc.
  • B) Want brand new characters that are supposed to be good at X to be able to contribute/matter when doing X with longtime characters. Less "One guy has a spoon and the other guy has an assault rifle" and more "One guy has a hand gun and the other guy has an assault rifle". Not that this setting has assault rifles, or modern guns at all, but you know what we mean.

LGBT+ Characters?

Sure, go for it. Other characters are unlikely to assume char X isn't cis, but there isn't any stigma associated with it.