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Welcome to Aurora Sky! We are a Sword and Sorcery roleplay. Check out the area above this box if you're interested in making a character, and check out the cbox below if you have any questions! Hope to RP with you soon!




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Adopting a Character:
> Reply to post saying "I'll use this character!" or something to that extent.
> At the top of the character's post it'll note any modification restrictions. Any new chars created specifically for adoption will generally be of the "modify whatever you want" variety, but sometimes a player might put up a character with a longer history up for adoption or might be trying to fulfill a specific role like "anyone want to play my char's brother?".
> Thread Tags for this subforum (not required, but helpful):
>> [ChangeAsYouLike] - Can be freely modified.
>> [NewSpecific] - Would be a new PC, but some restrictions on modifying it.
>> [OldPC] - An established PC that needs a new player, it's unlikely such a PC can be significantly modified.

Putting a Character up for adoption:
> Talk with the staff, they can move your character's profile to this subforum.

Creating a character specifically for adoption:
> Go through the normal char creation process, just tell the staff you're creating a characters for adoption! If people want to create new adoptables as a group or something that's fine too.


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