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Escorts Wanted!

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Attached to the various bounty boards in the major towns a set of notes could be found. The first read like this:

To all who seek to be paid for their desires to harm things, I am willing to pay! Specifically, I need escorts to guard a caravan through some dangerous passes in the northern mountains. We will set out from Kuanepi in two weeks time. Your rate of pay will be commensurate with the amount of the caravan that arrives safely.


The second note reads as such:

Hello! *Picture of someone waving*

Want to smash and get paid? *Pictures of: people fighting next to a wagon, wagons safe and passengers looking happy, sacks with a money sign being handed to the fighter from the wagon people.*

Join us here! *Detailed picture of Kuanepi from the southern entrance, followed by an X on a map of Avarka.*


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