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Abstract Reality

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Free-form roleplay. There is no limit on what you can create!
IC leadership opportunities available!
Bios are optional!
No word count requirements. All posting styles are welcome!
Creativity and freedom are encouraged!

Who will you side with?
Eokia: Pure divinity created the mystical continent of Eokia in the days of old, and what stands in the place of an escape for those under the oppressive thumb of anti-magic sentiment is a land brimming with activity and complexity.
Necropolis: An ever-expanding city stemming from the womb of a dark universe, ruled by a Lord of Darkness, who represent that which are alien, malignant, and crawl in the farthest reaches of reality.
Sanctuary: Bolstered by unfathomable technologies created by a shadowy government, the nation of Sanctuary is a safe haven built for the purpose of shielding humanity from knowledge of the horrors that lie both outside and within their walls.


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